Affiliates Program offers eligible affiliates, including blogs and other third party websites (collectively, “Affiliates”), the opportunity to earn 10% commissions on every sales that originate from affiliate alias links

Join our team it`s free and you get paid by generating sales through your shared links

Just sign up or create an account on, on your affiliate dashboard info such us paypal email, create an alias, select products so the system generate your affiliate link, and start sharing those links

Instrutions to join affiliate program

*Create an account on
*On your dashboard click on AFFILIATE DASHBOARD then fill:

-On your dashboard left side configure payments by adding your paypal email adress

-Your Alias, is very important, you must create an Alias on your affiliate dashboard, so the system knows is your link(s) beeing shared and gives you the comission when it sells

-Create a Affiliate link targeting a Product - Select from the shop products more whiling to sell on you social channel, so the system generate your link for it, whenever you want to change product link just refresh browser, this feature only requires first part of product`s name to captate and generate link

The shared product links must be generated from your affiliated dashboard, so the system knows is your link(s) beeing shared and gives you the comission when it sells

Captura de Ecrã (15).png

- And you can start sharing product`s links with your affiliate link on social media, groups, as more people see the links more chance you have to generate a sale a get a comission

-Test if is working by clicking on social media your shared afiliate link product, if it is well set you will be able to see  all clicks  on your affiliate dashboard stats

-On your dashboard you will be able to see the clicks on your links, orders generated, and your comission earned, wich will be paid on 1st of each month

- You can share the links in any social media you want, as long the product sells, you get the 10% comission    

-At this point we give to costumers a 10% discount on check out with coupon code "10% Discount", if you want fill free to advertise this offer beside your linked product

By participating in the Affiliates Program, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Use

Eligibility for Affiliates Program

Prospective affiliates must create account on to gain access to the Affiliates Program.

The following types of websites are prohibited from participating in the Affiliates Program:

  • Sites using “pop-ups” or “pop-unders” (websites that launch “pop-up” or hidden windows on users’ browsers)
  • Sites with content related to sexual, religious, political or other sensitive matters

Participation in the Affiliates Program may be limited to Affiliates located in certain countries and is void where prohibited by law. reserves the right to approve or reject any application to join the Affiliates Program for any reason.


Voucher Code Affiliates asks that all voucher code affiliates adhere to the guidelines set by the Internet Advertising Bureau Marketing Council (IAB AMC). Full guidelines can be found here:

The terms and conditions of this affiliate program have been set to reflect these guidelines:

  1. Using "Click to Reveal" when there is no valid or current code present is not permitted for affiliate publishers, as well as using "Click to Reveal" to show any deals/offers/sales instead of vouchers and using "Click to Copy Code" where no valid code is available.
  2. Voucher code affiliates must clearly state the voucher offer that will be revealed before a user clicks to interact.
  3. A valid code or promotion is defined as a code that has been legitimately issued by for use by affiliates and not a code that has been issued to consumers directly. 
  4. Under no circumstances are publishers allowed to surreptitiously use i-frames to set Affiliate Window cookies onto a user's computer.
  5. Voucher code directories must contain clear categorisation and separation between deals/offers/sales and discount codes.
  6. Any sales made through the affiliate program are overlooked by On any occasion where a promotion code is used and the offer has not been communicated to affiliates to use, commission will be disqualified.

Program Restrictions

Affiliates that violate any of the following program restrictions may be suspended or removed from the Affiliates Program and may not receive commissions, in

As an Affiliate you will receive commission for every sales your alias shared links generated, made by either new or existing customers. reserves the right to change commission rates for promotional periods.

Qualifying sales are sales made on to users who have arrived to the site by clicking on an link shared with Affiliate's alias.  If a user buys on multiple Affiliate Links, all Affiliate alias Link generating sales will be qualified to receive the commission.

Commissions are paid through paypal, on qualifying sales made during this period, when requested, daily, or montly, on the 15th of the following month. Commissions are calculated by multiplying the relevant commission rate and the price of the qualifying sales (excluding shipping costs and taxes). Commissions are not paid on sales that are cancelled or returned within a 14 day period.

Happy comissions :>)

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